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5 Things You Should Know About SEO

Today in this article we are going to give you 5 things you should know about SEO in the clearest way that we can.

SEO is one of those things that will always be changing. It is almost like the weather in Ohio, one day it’s beautiful and sunny the next it’s snowing.

Of course, there are fundamentals but even at that, those are interpretation. On top of everything, Google likes to keep everything about it “Hush, Hush”. This is because if everyone understood SEO, ranking would be that much harder.

1. Using Snippets To Your Advantage

Editing your Snippets for enhancing your SEO will vastly increase your visibility.

They are broken up into three sections, SEO Title, Slug, and Meta Description

SEO Title – Your SEO Title describes what the user will be directed to when clicking your link. In other words, it is your attention grabber. Hence, you want your keyword to be in the title to help optimize rankings

Slug – The Slug section is broken down as following Notice on the example below Zaxbys slug for this specific page is locations. This is because you want your users to be able to easily type in your URL to get to a specific page. Although in some cases you can use your keyword your targeting in the slug to help rankings.

Meta Description – Meta Description is basically the about section of your snippet. Its purpose is to give a quick explanation of what will be covered in the link. Thus, being able to use your keyword in the meta description to your advantage will help SEO rankings.

5 things you should know about seo
2. Never Google Yourself To Find Your Rank

If you continuously look up your keyphrase and click your link, Google saves that information on your browser. Thus, giving you a false ranking to make you seem higher than you actually are. This is especially true to what the general public sees when searching.

Instead what you can do is use incognito on Google Chrome, Or browse privately on Mozilla or Safari whichever you may use. These features anonymize your cookies and cached data to give you a better sense of what the public may see.

5 things you should know about seo

Pro tip: There are tools that can help you check your rankings such as Google Webmaster Tools and Moz. These Tools are fantastic for keeping track of keywords and overall improvement.

3. Content Relevance is Key

Surely content is very important. Without a lot of it, you can’t rank. Thus, making sure what you are posting is relevant to what you are about is KEY. You want your reader to be able to make the connection from the blog post to your overall message or service. We would rather have more people read a short blog, than a 2000 word one.

4. Use Google Analytics

Setting up Google Analytics is fast and free. It is not hard to learn and is very important for understanding how your website performs. Without it, you are basically blind. But with it, you have full access to understanding what visitors are doing on your website.

Google analytics is so detailed it can be a blog post for another time, but for the now install it on your website and get to know the basics.

5 things you should know about seo

5. You Need To Be Mobile Friendly

Being mobile-friendly will make or break your ability to rank on the search engines. Thus meaning, if your website is not mobile friendly your website cannot be found through mobile search engines.

Think about how many times you have been out and about and looked up a restaurant on your phone. Surprisingly, how many times you have gone straight to your phone instead of asking someone else about what is around. Generally, this is because it is so convenient to open google and watch your answer be displayed with a tap.

5 things you should know about seo

Thank You

We hope we gave you a short but informative post on 5 things you should know about SEO. Of course, SEO is ever-changing, we still wanted you to have basic fundamentals when performing SEO for yourselves. If you haven’t read our blog on local SEO you can read it here.

If you still need help or do not feel comfortable performing SEO on your website you can contact us here for a free analysis and consultation.

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