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5 Ways to handle negative reviews

5 Ways To Handle A Negative Review.

Having a negative review online is one of the last things a business owner wants to see when checking online in the morning. That’s why we wanted to go over 5 ways to handle a negative review so your business can be ready if the time ever comes. 

1. Take responsibility and action

Taking responsibility is the first action to take for dealing with a negative review. You may think your company has done everything possible to receive a positive review there’s always a chance in misunderstandings.

The last thing you want to do when dealing with a bad review is blowing it off or telling the customer that they are in the wrong. Instead, respond to the feedback and let the community see that you have nothing to hide.

2. Understand where the customer is coming from

Miscommunications are bound to happen when dealing with hundreds if not thousands of customers over time. Every businesses goal is to make sure their customer has a positive experience because that turns into a lifetime customer.

When replying to the customer online let them know that you are sorry for the bad experience. A negative review can most of the time be turned around into an understanding of both parties just like a nonbusiness conflict.

3. Be honest and genuine

Being honest with the customer when dealing with a negative review will help them understand that everyone makes mistakes. Reading what they say and responding with genuine concern can help rebuild that relationship and future business.

Nobody wants a generic response robot response that sounds automated and makes the customer think you did not even read the concern.

4. Talk to the customer outside of the internet

If you have the customer’s phone number try reaching out to them and show them you are also a person. Everyone has flaws, even if you believe you did nothing wrong does not mean you can’t come to an agreement.

Take a step in the customer’s shoes and see from their perspective by how you would rate the experience. If you don’t have their contact information leave yours and ask them to contact you to help resolve the issue.

5. Learn from the experience

Learning from a negative review is just like losing in a sport or making a bad decision. Everyone has heard the saying “You can’t win them all”. This is no different in business every bad experience is a chance to grow as a person and a company. Thus, giving you an opportunity to look over policies or key things to add to terms of service.

Just remember although you may have received a bad review, it can still help reflect on all of your positive reviews. Bad publicity is still publicity and it gets your business out there. Not everyone is the same and just because one person doesn’t like your service doesn’t mean everyone agrees.

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