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5 Ways to Implement Content Marketing

Content Marketing Lebanon Ohio


With every digital marketing effort you make for your business, there are thousands of other brands, fighting for attention. So how do you stay above the noise?

One successful strategy is content marketing. There are several definitions of content marketing, but let’s put it in simple words. Content marketing means speaking to your target buyers in a language they understand. Thus, it is important using a tone that appeals to them and providing answers to the questions they may have.

The success of content marketing lies in one basic principle: value. Your target audience consumes about 34GB of data every day. We’re surrounded by too much information, and need to unconsciously weed out what is not valuable to us. If your content holds no value, very few people will pay attention to it. For this reason, your brand should create content which provides value that will attract the interest of your target audience.

Now that we’ve identified how content marketing (using valuable content) can help connect your business to your target audience/potential buyers, here are 5 ways to ensure that this connection happens.

5 Ways to Implement Content Marketing


1. Create a brand identity

Ever noticed how you can tell a brand’s social media post even before you see their username? This is the value of brand identity. This identity consists of a logo, brand colors, typography, tone, and message.

Brand identity is important to create an impression in the mind of your audience and help them recall your brand when they need your products or services. With an inconsistent identity, it will be a lot more difficult for your audience to connect your messages, or even remember what you’re about.

2. Maintain a consistent tone and visuals

Consistency is important to establish trust. Your content should carry a sense of originality, making it easier for the audience to recognize your message. If your content (both social media and website) does not seem like it is all coming from the same person, the audience may have a tougher time with establishing that needed trust.

3. Give your audience what they want

Before you create that post, free guide, or report, ask yourself “Does my target audience/buyer need this information?” While creating brand content, take that extra step to boost the value of your offering. Instead of giving the audience information they can find with one quick search, dig a bit deeper for more value. Some brands identify what their audience wants by simply asking. You can do this using social media polls, field research, or feedback from customers.

4. Use customer service as content marketing

Stats show that for consumers, customer service will become more valuable than price and products by 2020. Online audiences grow an affinity for, and blacklist businesses, based on how they interact with their customers online. Pay attention to what people are saying about your business online. Never let a negative review go without properly addressing the situation, and answer relevant questions from users.

5. Implement SEO and keep up with Google’s guidelines

Help your target audience find you better through on-page SEO. For your website and blog posts, use relevant keywords which correspond with search terms in your industry. Ensure that you are always on Google’s good side. Every time Google releases an algorithm update, confirm that your website is not in violation of a new guideline to avoid losing your search ranking.

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Do you currently have a content marketing plan? What are some of the strategies that have brought your business some success?

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