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Chiropractor SEO

What Is Chiropractic SEO?

Digital marketing has become powerful within the growth of numerous of online corporations from Facebook to Amazon. On the other hand, local businesses have adopted it as a way slower pace. Although, search engine optimization (SEO) has quickly become the go-to for local businesses like chiropractors to reach new customers.

The explanation of why digital marketing has boomed so quickly is that more than ever, individuals are going online to look for their solutions and businesses instead of flicking through the phone book. If you have got any belief that the internet is here to remain, you need to invest in digital marketing. A big reason for this is a lot of our life has started to revolve around the internet.

Search engine optimization should be at the core of this strategy because Google represents an enormous proportion of all traffic. By optimizing, you’ll be able to bring a lot of potential customers to your Chiropractic practice by Chiropractor SEO.

Why You Need Chiropractor SEO: Why is SEO important for reaching customers.

Let’s say there’s a chiropractor in Ohio; they’d benefit immensely by reaching number one in Google. An example of this is the phrase “Chiropractor in Cincinnati”. This is because those who search this are looking for Chiropractic services in Cincinnati. Ranking higher up in Google will equal more people visiting your website, thus translating to more leads and more patients.

As long as you can turn leads into customers, which we know you can because you’re already helping your clients. Generating more leads will translate to higher profits each year. SEO is all about increasing your awareness for specific phrases so people who are in your area. This also includes people looking for Chiropractic services to see your practice rather than your competitors.

Instead of bothering people through advertisement, SEO is a marketing strategy where potential patients are looking for your practice. Thus, making selling your services that much easier.

Chiropractor SEO Strategies

SEO strategies are defined by the keywords or phrases that you target. Your website is only going to appear in the Google results pages for terms that are related to the type content on your pages, which is why it’s imperative to decide first what keywords you want to target and therefore what content is implemented.

With most marketing strategies, the audience that you target is going to play a big role in achieving success. After all, if you target clients of the wrong demographic, or location, you might get leads that you don’t want. An example of this is, clients living too far away or that can’t afford your services.

Rather, your goal should be to target clients with the right level of income to pay for your services and to whom you can easily drive whenever necessary. By keying in on your audience, we can begin to create a list of possible keywords that we want to target and appear in the search engine results pages for.

A bad example of a terrible keyword for a chiropractor who works with middle and upper-income families would be “cheap chiropractors” because you’re attracting customers who are driven by price. However, if your chiropractic practice does have the lowest prices in your area, then that keyword might be great. Your strategy and target market play a huge role in deciding which keywords to focus on.

When you have decided on the audience you want to go for, you can start to work on ranking for keywords that potential clients are likely to search. In doing so, you can focus all of your resources on keywords which your ideal client will use, not those which lower quality leads might type instead.

If you notice the first example we used earlier; the keyword was localized. This means that there is a phrase in the search term which gives search engines like Google some insight into the location of the searcher. These keywords could include:

  • Best chiropractic practice in Cincinnati
  • Chiropractor in Lebanon
  • Chiropractic service in 45039
  • Chiropractor in CIN

Chiropractor SEO

These Keywords Are Going To Be The Sauce Of Your SEO Strategy For Three Reasons:

First of all, they are long phrases which are going to have lower competition. Fewer websites are trying to rank for these specific terms, therefore you can appear in the search engine results easier and faster. The advantage of this is that you can see a better ROI quicker and start to bring in more clients.

Secondly, the type of leads from more specific queries like these is going to be higher quality than in general terms. You may think that you want to rank for “best chiropractor” but the large majority of those searchers aren’t going to be close to you. Therefore you’ll get thousands of bad leads and since it’s broader there will be larger competition which in the end will waste time and money.

Lastly, since your practice is within the area the searcher is looking, Google is more likely to give your website and your Google Business Listing more visibility. This increased visibility in the results pages means more traffic to your website. Thus, increased leads and more jobs and profit for your business.

General Chiropractic Keywords

The first type of keyword that you should target is very general which will combine the most common terms that searchers will use like chiropractor, chiropractors, chiropractic service and chiropractor office, along with a location. Shake things up by using the location phrase at either the beginning or the end of the phrase, to create (2) different keywords which people might use.

With targeting these phrases, you are going to try to rank for the highest volume local terms. Although, with that large volume typically there is a larger competition too. This is why you should also target a combination of other phrases which may be searched less frequently but for which you can rank for sooner.

These general chiropractic keywords will typically be in the following format, “chiropractor in Cincinnati” or “Cincinnati Chiropractors” which are phrases which you could imagine people typing naturally. By ranking for these, you can bring high-quality traffic to your site. These people have already proved to you that they are interested in your services. This is because they are searching these types of results and therefore you’ll see a great conversion rate from traffic to customers.

Chiropractor seo

Optimize Your Chiropractic Website For Conversions

As a Chiropractor, your success lives and dies by your leads funnel. While there is some repeat business from clients, it may be months before they return to you. Therefore you need to ensure that you continually have a fresh batch of leads coming into your office. Thus, it’s important that you optimize your website to rank in Google and bring in more traffic. 

Once keywords you want to target are established it’s important to ensure that your website is optimized for ranking. Google and other search engines use various signals to estimate how trustworthy a website is and without these features, you’ll find it difficult to rank for any competitive keywords.

These features are consistent among the best websites in the world, and thus Google can use them with certainty to decide where websites rank. For this reason, part of your on-page SEO strategy should include optimizing your website and external website features like your business listings to ensure that everything is optimal for generating more leads and increasing revenue.

Make Sure Your Chiropractic Web Design Is Up To Date

When you visit a website, you make a fast decision about whether you’re going to stay or go looking elsewhere. This decision is made on the creative feel and operation of the site. Similarly, in real life, you look at the outside of a store and base that appearance with the quality of the products.

If a store doesn’t look legitimate, you’re going to look for another option, and your potential clients are the same. It’s unlikely that a web design from years ago is cutting it, most likely you need to revamp it. It is always a good idea to keep up to date and ensure the audience of your quality.

Google also uses this data to influence rankings, they track users to see if they bounce back from a website. Over time this higher bounce rate and lower time on page can have a big impact on your rankings. This is especially true if these statistics are different from the industry average.

Before you begin to optimize the content on your pages, you should make sure that you have a quality website. This will not only boost your rankings but also it can also increase your conversion rate each month. A good example of a Chiropractic company site with an up to date web design is Dr. Steven Becker:

Chiropractor SEO

Have Unique Content

One great way to create unique content is to implement a blog, this helps by allowing you to rank for a broader set of keywords. On top of this, it also creates opportunities for backlinks. While people rarely link to about us pages, they’re more likely to link to a blog post on your site.

Dr. Steven Becker does a great way of implementing a blog on his website to help possible clients with providing helpful health tips. Check it out below

Chiropractor SEO


Work With A Credible Chiropractor SEO Company

Search engines are not going anywhere, ensure that your practice comes up when people search for a chiropractor. SEO can make sure of that, Thus why it’s the most important investment that you’ll make.

Remember there is a right and a wrong way to do SEO, this is often called Black and White Hat SEO. While Black Hat SEO can be effective, it breaks the rules and is, and your results can disappear in a blink of an eye.

White hat SEO, which we practice here at Digital Dominance, is ethical and effective. Therefore this method can last for decades, making sure that you get value for your money. By building links from relevant and legitimate sites, creating great content and boosting your online presence. We can improve your rankings and drive more leads to your business.

Here at Digital Dominance we are obsessed with quality and are confident we can deliver great rankings for your business. We identify the right keywords, make sure that your website is optimized and create links for your business. We do this to spread brand awareness and increase your rankings. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can get your more clients this year.

If you liked this blog on Chiropractor SEO you can also check out our Local SEO blog for a few more tips. Maybe you know someone in the Restaurant business you can send them here. Please contact us for any more questions and thank you for reading!


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