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5 Useful Benefits Of Digital Marketing For Restaurant Owners

Benefits of digital marketing for restaurant owners

Find Out The Essential Reasons Why Digital Marketing Can Help Your Restaurant.


When running a business your main goal is to ensure that the customer has a quality experience. In doing so it is hard to manage the tasks at hand and figuring out how to drive more people. Competition, especially in a small town, is always a tough market grab. Despite the fierce competition digital marketing for restaurant owners can help give them an advantage.

81% of consumers have searched for a restaurant on their phone. What they are looking for is directions, phone numbers, possible wait times, a menu or reviews. Another interesting statistic is 80% of consumers think it’s important to see a menu before they dine at a restaurant. Thus, being able to find all of these items play a big roll in the deciding factor. Hence, this is why digital marketing for restaurant owners is vital.


What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the act of using the internet or a social platform in promoting your business or services online. Digital marketing for restaurants should implement these strategies, a website, email marketing and finally, social media.

5 Ways Digital Marketing Can Help Your Restaurant.


1. Keeping information up to date.


The last thing you want to do is make an inconvenience for a customer. Whether that being changing something on the menu, being closed on a specific day or changing pricing and times.

Say a customer makes plans to come to your restaurant they should be able to look online. You don’t want them finding out you are closed by just a piece of paper hanging on the door. Thus, updating this on google or a banner ad on your website can be a big help for convenience.

2. Offering Incentives And Promotions

If your business regularly has promotions or discounts, being able to display that with an ad or a post on your website and social media can be a great tool for your restaurant.  Do you have special menu items? Maybe you have weekly drink specials? Use Digital Marketing to spread your promotions!

Some things you can do to help your efforts are offering a small discount, for signing up to your newsletter. This can help relay all of them from promotions or even the information updates from above.

3. To Reach New Local Customers

Using Digital Marketing to reach more customers is easier than ever with social media. Making ads on Facebook or Instagram offering time restricted or even weekly deals are just two examples. All things considered, this can help drive in a ton of customers if done correctly.

With Facebook, you can target a specific demographic or target area of whom you want to see your ad. Maybe you want to target a specific company by your restaurant to come in for happy hour specials. Without a doubt, all of these things can help explode your business.

4. To Respond To Feedback From The Community

The last thing you want is a customer having a bad experience and leaving a negative review. This is where Digital Marketing comes into play! With staying up to date with the feedback you can respond to negative reviews and hopefully turn it into a positive.

When a customer loves your restaurant and goes on Google or Yelp, you want to respond to that positive feedback and make them know you appreciate their business. Regardless of the review responding to feedback is absolutely necessary for building your presence online.

5. Brand Recognition

Digital Marketing helps to share your story with your customers. Being able to portray your message to customers is great so others can have a sense of what you’re about. Using social media to be in front of customers will make sure you are known. Thus, help build brand recognition when customers see your restaurant in more than one place.

In Conclusion: Digital Marketing Will Help Your Restaurant

Now more than ever is time to start implementing digital marketing into your business. Use these benefits and tips to watch your sales grow, reservations increase, and reviews skyrocket. This is what happens when you implement digital marketing in your restaurant.


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