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How to Grow an Email List For Local Businesses

Email Marketing For Local Businesses

Isn’t it true that most local businesses live and die by their email subscriber list?

Well, in an online world, a far majority of the businesses make growing their email list a priority.

Achieving anything valuable takes time and effort.

To be absolutely honest, building a strong email list is easier said than done.

We know a number of businesses who have everything set up in place: from a functional website to landing pages with contact forms, to newsletter visitors can subscribe to, and an incentive in exchange for their email address.

But these small local businesses fail to kick their email list growth into hyperdrive.

Given the fact that email marketing database degrades by 22.5% every year, it is very important for businesses to find ways to keep adding fresh contacts through effective email marketing campaigns.

For local businesses, the importance of maintaining a healthy email list cannot be overlooked. There are times when such businesses conduct events where people show up.

Events like sale or product launch will want people to be present and email is a great medium let them know about such events.

Building an email list gives you great control over the target audience receiving your message.

Email, being an independent medium of communication, provides the local businesses with the ability to take control and deliver the message on their own terms, unlike Social Media where the platforms limit your power to do the same.

Want to grow your email list but running out of ideas?

Don’t worry. We have come up with five simple yet effective ways to grow your email list.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive straight in!

Here are the Top Five Ways to grow your Email list in 2019:


1. Start with Creating Remarkable Content


The content you intend to push through email should be high-quality and entertaining. You don’t want to bore your customers with low energy and ordinarily drafted content. Put some efforts into drafting amazingly entertaining yet informative content.


2. Promote Online Contest using Social Media


One of the most successful ways of growing your email list is using social media contests to lure your target audience. Why not host a free giveaway? Provide them with a link to check out where they would have to sign up with their email address to enter the contest.


3. Add Call-to-Action button on Facebook Page


When trying to grow your email list using the Call-to-Action tactic, it is very important to focus on the landing page. Optimize the landing page for conversion and link it with the Facebook page’s CTA button.


4. Influence website visitors to leave feedback


People love expressing themselves. Allow them to provide feedback on your website right away! Make sure you keep the landing page simple and easy to understand. Lead capturing forms that have too many fields actually scare people off.


5. Create a Blog for your brand


Don’t have a blog for your brand? You are missing out on so much! Well, creating blog posts help your chances to improve your website’s ranking on search engines like Google and Bing, and give you an opportunity to collect blog subscribers!

We hope this blog post helped you realize the importance and wonders of creating a healthy list of email contacts.

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